Okay, so my district and I just finished up our fourth week in the CCM which means that we only have DOS MÁS SEMANAS in this place. It´s really weird, I feel like I just got here like a week ago but I also feel like I´ve been in this place for a couple of months. Oh and speaking of months… On Friday I will have successfully made it through the first month of my mission. ¿Pretty exciting right?

Oh yeah, on Monday night, Chile beat Peru (eat it Corey) in the semifinals of the Copa America, so they´ll probably end up playing Argentina in the finals on Saturday. It´s a pretty big deal because its going to be in Chile and the Chileans are one of the only countries to have never one the Copa before. And because it is a cultural event, kind of sort of, we may get to watch it at the CCM on Saturday. which would be so much fun, and help take our minds off of fasting for at least a little bit. 


Elder Brown, Elder Rusick (me) and Elder Wirth

Okay so I feel like I need to add some sort of spiritual message to these emails because that´s kind of what I´m on the other side of the world for. So the message I´ll share with you guys comes from a devotional that we watched on this Sunday. The devotional was from 2009 and it was given by Elder Jeffery R. Holland (my favorite, I have his picture on my desk) and he gave it at the Provo MTC (MTC for wusses). The topic of the talk he gave was on missionary work, he talked about giving all of your effort. He says that missionary work is the the Lord´s work, the work of the salvation of the souls of men, the most important work in the universe. He made reference to the common sports phrase ¨leave it all out on the field¨. He said that this is how we must be serving our missions (even if you don´t have a calling doesn´t mean you can´t participate in the work BTW). He also added that if we are going to give so much time, talent and effort for something that is as silly as sports, then why wouldn’t we be as willing to give the same kind of effort if not more to the most important work in the universe. He spoke very passionately about this and really got me going, it reminded my of like a halftime speech that a coach would give, except it was about something far more important. 

The second thing that he talked about was the question that is always asked: ¨Why is missionary work so hard?¨. And to this he pretty much answered why should it be easy. The work of salvation was never a cheap experience. When the Lord was doing the work of salvation it was never easy for Him. So why in the world should it be easy for us. In order to truly participate in this work we must go through the smallest portion of what He went through. We have to stand at least at the edge of Gethsemane, and we must take at least one step towards Calgary. It´s important remember that always. And also that Lord knows what you are going through, He has experienced it all before. All the trials, difficulties, frustrations that you have ever had he suffered through with you. he knows you because of this and He knows how to help you. Always remember that. If theres one thing that I know for a surety, it’s that our Redeemer, Jesus Christ knows and loves each of us and will help us with any problem if we just ask for his help. 

I wish I could say more but I have just been informed that I am out of writing time. So until next time. 

Con Mucho Amor 

Elder Rusick (Chile)


Semana tres en la CCM


I’m really excited to be halfway done in this place, I love it here. but I really hate it here at the same time. I feel like I need to be helping real people with real problems but I’m just cooped up in the building with a bunch of people from Utah. I need to talk to some more Chileanos. 



The Temple in Santiago

Anyways in case you don’t know, in the CCM we have three teachers. and every two weeks we get new teachers. so we are on our second rotation of teachers right now. Our teachers are also our “progressing investigators”, meaning that they play the part of an investigator that the met on their missions and by that person for us to teach. Its actually pretty cool. 

So our mourning class our investigator is Pricilla. She’s this nineteen year old girl that lives with her grandparents because she doesn’t like the man her mother remarried. She’s got a lot going on because her grandfather is also in the hospital. So we thought we would teach her about how the gospel blesses families. We taught her about it and then left her a Book of Mormon to read and told her it would bless her family if she read it prayed about it and followed the teachings in it. The next lesson we continued on with the restoration and she seemed really receptive to the message. 

Our afternoon investigator is Felipe, he’s 31 and has a girlfriend that is a member of the church. He really doesn’t talk much but after three lessons with him i just felt inspired to ask him “if he felt that god loved him” he said he was sure but then i was able to bear my testimony that I knew that God loves him. He started talking more to us after that and after my companion related the first vision story, the room got super quiet. He said he didn’t really know what to say, I said this “yo se que José Smith vio Dios y Jesucristo, yo se que José smith tradicio el libro de mormon y yo se que jose smith fue un profeta de dios ye restoro el evangelio de jesucrsito y yo se que este iglesia es verdadera”. I had no idea if he even knew what I was saying or not, but after a minute of silence or so he said ¨como puedo saber estas cosas”. So i told him that he needs to read the Book of Mormon and pray if he wants to know for himself. It was awesome and you could totally feel the spirit super strong. He said wow its so peaceful in here right now. I was about to say something when my companion just asks if we can close with a prayer. I was pretty heated because I felt like because we had such a string spirit in the room we could have helped him understand way more, but I had to get over and just try to focus on preparing another lesson. 


Chilean Empanda

The food around in the city is actually pretty good, they have McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Popeyes. and some cool empanada stands.

But all in all life’s been going pretty good here in the CCM, but I seriously can’t wait to leave this place. 

Until next time, 

Elder Rusick

Two weeks complete at the CCM

Hello Everyone!

Buen Dia!

I have officially been in the CCM (Chilean MTC) for two weeks now and it seems like I just got here. everyone says that time fles when you´re in here and you hardly ever notice it. The saying is that the days are long (really really long, like 12 hours of class in a language you barely speak a day long)  but the weeks are short (especially when you compare that too how long the days are). Like I may have said, we have 12 hours of classes each day, and only about two of those twelve hours go into learning the language. The rest of the time we are just learning about how to teach people, and other important things that missionaries need to know about. 


My District in the CCM


Alcantara – Where I live, the former Swiss Embassy

The Copa America has been going on in Chile so every night when Chile is playing the streets are completely empty. Everyone is either inside watching the game or at the stadium. We were are trying to sleep you can hear the people cheering every time something happens, its the craziest thing ever. You can even hear the stadium sometimes if they are playing in the Santiago stadium. our bus driver that takes us from Alcantara to the CCM every day taught us the chilean soccer song that they sing during the games. 

vamos. vamos chilenos. este noche. tenemos a ganar. 

vamos. vamos chilenos. esta noche. tenemos a ganar.

C-H-I. CHI. L-E. LE. 



Its a pretty awesome song and its makes all of our teachers laugh. 

We had to say goodbye to three districts that left the ccm to go out into the field today. its pretty weird not seeing them anymore. its also weird that pretty soon thats going to be me and my district. 

On Sunday we got to have a devotional from El Presidente Wright and his wife (from the Santiago East Mission). It was pretty awesome. They taught how we need to love and invite all people that we meet to come unto Christ (members included). Also that we need to become experts in our knowledge of the atonement. because when it comes down to it the atonement can really fix like 95% of the problems people have when you break it down into its three parts. the cleansing power of the atonement, the enabling power of the atonement and the healing power of the atonement. If we can apply it to our lives and help others apply it to theirs then we can be more successful as missionaries. and everyone is a missionary, just not all of have the plaques. 


Hola from Chile!

Thats all I really have to say for this week. Not a lot of super cool stories when you have class for 12 HOURS A DAY. 

Over and Out 

Élder Rusíck

Called To Serve


Hello everybody!

As many of you may know I will be leaving June 2rd (which is this Tuesday) for Santiago, Chile on my two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints. While there I will be teaching the people the gospel and also doing some sorts of service. My parents will be running this blog for me and you’ll be able to check every week or so to see what I’ve been up to. You will also be able to email me at Also if you would like to be put on a weekly generic email list contact my mom via Facebook or email ( with your email.

Until next time,

Elder Rusick