Two weeks complete at the CCM

Hello Everyone!

Buen Dia!

I have officially been in the CCM (Chilean MTC) for two weeks now and it seems like I just got here. everyone says that time fles when you´re in here and you hardly ever notice it. The saying is that the days are long (really really long, like 12 hours of class in a language you barely speak a day long)  but the weeks are short (especially when you compare that too how long the days are). Like I may have said, we have 12 hours of classes each day, and only about two of those twelve hours go into learning the language. The rest of the time we are just learning about how to teach people, and other important things that missionaries need to know about. 


My District in the CCM


Alcantara – Where I live, the former Swiss Embassy

The Copa America has been going on in Chile so every night when Chile is playing the streets are completely empty. Everyone is either inside watching the game or at the stadium. We were are trying to sleep you can hear the people cheering every time something happens, its the craziest thing ever. You can even hear the stadium sometimes if they are playing in the Santiago stadium. our bus driver that takes us from Alcantara to the CCM every day taught us the chilean soccer song that they sing during the games. 

vamos. vamos chilenos. este noche. tenemos a ganar. 

vamos. vamos chilenos. esta noche. tenemos a ganar.

C-H-I. CHI. L-E. LE. 



Its a pretty awesome song and its makes all of our teachers laugh. 

We had to say goodbye to three districts that left the ccm to go out into the field today. its pretty weird not seeing them anymore. its also weird that pretty soon thats going to be me and my district. 

On Sunday we got to have a devotional from El Presidente Wright and his wife (from the Santiago East Mission). It was pretty awesome. They taught how we need to love and invite all people that we meet to come unto Christ (members included). Also that we need to become experts in our knowledge of the atonement. because when it comes down to it the atonement can really fix like 95% of the problems people have when you break it down into its three parts. the cleansing power of the atonement, the enabling power of the atonement and the healing power of the atonement. If we can apply it to our lives and help others apply it to theirs then we can be more successful as missionaries. and everyone is a missionary, just not all of have the plaques. 


Hola from Chile!

Thats all I really have to say for this week. Not a lot of super cool stories when you have class for 12 HOURS A DAY. 

Over and Out 

Élder Rusíck


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