Okay, so my district and I just finished up our fourth week in the CCM which means that we only have DOS MÁS SEMANAS in this place. It´s really weird, I feel like I just got here like a week ago but I also feel like I´ve been in this place for a couple of months. Oh and speaking of months… On Friday I will have successfully made it through the first month of my mission. ¿Pretty exciting right?

Oh yeah, on Monday night, Chile beat Peru (eat it Corey) in the semifinals of the Copa America, so they´ll probably end up playing Argentina in the finals on Saturday. It´s a pretty big deal because its going to be in Chile and the Chileans are one of the only countries to have never one the Copa before. And because it is a cultural event, kind of sort of, we may get to watch it at the CCM on Saturday. which would be so much fun, and help take our minds off of fasting for at least a little bit. 


Elder Brown, Elder Rusick (me) and Elder Wirth

Okay so I feel like I need to add some sort of spiritual message to these emails because that´s kind of what I´m on the other side of the world for. So the message I´ll share with you guys comes from a devotional that we watched on this Sunday. The devotional was from 2009 and it was given by Elder Jeffery R. Holland (my favorite, I have his picture on my desk) and he gave it at the Provo MTC (MTC for wusses). The topic of the talk he gave was on missionary work, he talked about giving all of your effort. He says that missionary work is the the Lord´s work, the work of the salvation of the souls of men, the most important work in the universe. He made reference to the common sports phrase ¨leave it all out on the field¨. He said that this is how we must be serving our missions (even if you don´t have a calling doesn´t mean you can´t participate in the work BTW). He also added that if we are going to give so much time, talent and effort for something that is as silly as sports, then why wouldn’t we be as willing to give the same kind of effort if not more to the most important work in the universe. He spoke very passionately about this and really got me going, it reminded my of like a halftime speech that a coach would give, except it was about something far more important. 

The second thing that he talked about was the question that is always asked: ¨Why is missionary work so hard?¨. And to this he pretty much answered why should it be easy. The work of salvation was never a cheap experience. When the Lord was doing the work of salvation it was never easy for Him. So why in the world should it be easy for us. In order to truly participate in this work we must go through the smallest portion of what He went through. We have to stand at least at the edge of Gethsemane, and we must take at least one step towards Calgary. It´s important remember that always. And also that Lord knows what you are going through, He has experienced it all before. All the trials, difficulties, frustrations that you have ever had he suffered through with you. he knows you because of this and He knows how to help you. Always remember that. If theres one thing that I know for a surety, it’s that our Redeemer, Jesus Christ knows and loves each of us and will help us with any problem if we just ask for his help. 

I wish I could say more but I have just been informed that I am out of writing time. So until next time. 

Con Mucho Amor 

Elder Rusick (Chile)


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