Final Week In The CCM

Okay so this week actually has some events that took place that should be pretty interesting. So I´ll start with those aand then I can leave you all with a message. Okay so the first thing I want to tell you all is about the Copa America. It´s pretty much just the world cup but for all the countries in south america. Chile has never won the Copa America. But this year the Copa was held in Chile, and Chile made it to the final. They played against Argentina on saturday. so on saturday we got to enjoy a ¨cultural experience¨ and watch the game. It was awesome, the Chilean team ended up winning in a penalty shootout which was crazy, and all of the teachers just went nuts. They love futbol down here, more than anything. We honestly could´nt hear anything that was going on in our lessons for the rest of the night because the streets were so loud with all of the people celebrating.

Okay, so another interesting thing that happened was that it rained on sunday. And I guess that you need some more info to realize why thats so interesting. So this is the first time in 50 years that Chile hasn´t had any rain in the month of June. And so they decided to fast for rain this past sunday, and it rained… its crazy how stuff like that works right… So California, you know how we have this huge drought going on, maybe we just need to show a little faith and fast for rain… I don´t know, just a thought.

Okay so those are the two big things that made the week somewhat eventful, but to look forward to this upcoming week. On Wednessday (tomorrow) we get to go contacting in a park, on thursday we get to go on splits with missionaries from the east mission I think (only MTC in the world that gets to do that), and on friday we are watching President Packer´s funeral services. Then finally on tuesday we get to leave this place. So with that I feel like I should say that next week I won´t be able to write because I won´t have a Pday, so don´t worry everybody (MOM).


My CCM District & Teacher

Okay so for the message part of this. I have two things to say. First is that memebers should be involved in missionary work in their wards. It is better for missionaries to be working with ward members, when ward memebers bring refferals to the missioanries that investigator won´t feel as awkward, their hearts will be softened to the message because they are with someone they know, and they will have someone in the church that they know that will help strengthen their memebership. and if you dont know how to get refferals or how to talk to someone about the church, ask the missionaries, they will teach you how. And go to lessons with them and ask to actually participate not just bearing your testimony at the end. So I invite all of you who read this to participate more in missionary work back home, I know that if you do you will see an increase in baptisms and increased memberships in your wards, and I promise that the Lord will bless you for your service.



Second spiritual thought was something that I learned in class this week. It is about Leys, Doctrinas, Y Principios (for the gringos, Laws, Doctrines and Principles). Okay so this was a long lesson but the quick overview. So the basics of this is that God gives us laws that follow certain doctrines and principles. Such as the commandment of thou shalt not kill has a higher principle that we should love one another. But sometimes we do not recieve the principle or the doctrine behind the law, sometimes we only recieve the law or commandment. We are still expected to follow the law or commandment because God wants us to follow all of His commandments so that we can return to live with Him again. It is like Adam just after he was cast from the garden of eden, he was asked by angel why he was making a sacrifice. He said that he knew not save he was commanded by the Lord to. The angel saw his obdience that Adam had and explained to him the doctrine and principle behind the commandment which was the law of sacrifice (See moses chapter 5).

I also related this partially to Nephi. In the beginning Nephi doesn´t know a whole lot of why he is doing all of things that he does, he just does it because he knows he must do all things that the Lord has commanded him (See nephi 3:7). But later on he desires to know more about the things which his father saw in his visions. And because he was so faithful in keeping the commandments of the Lord, the spirit of the lord showed him the meaning of all things which his father had seen and eventually nephi goes on to see all things.

This has to do with a lot of things like prayer and the spirit (2 nephi 32) and faith in the Lord but you guys can read the Book of Mormon and pray and learn all of those for yourselves… Or I imay write about them in the future.

But those are my spiritual thoughts for the week.


What I do with my Spare time

There was also an earthquake in class today. Everybody freaked out but having lived on a fault line my whole life I was calm cool and collect. But yea, lots of earthquakes donw here.

Con mucho amor,

Elder Rusick (Chile)


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