Arrived at Santiago North Mission Hoe


I am sitting in the Santiago North Mission offices right now writing you guys. I just finished up at the CCM and I am about to have my orientation and meet my new trainer. I’m feeling pretty nervous, but I also feel ready to go. I met with President Vileln and su esposa. They are awesome! They only speak Spanish though so that was a little tough, but I got over ti and tried my hardest to speak the language and understand what they were saying. I am very excited to meet my new father (my trainer), and American, so he will speak English. Or at least have the ability to. I don’t think they’re supposed to speak English to us, but that will help me in the long run.   Its weird to think that I’ve already been gone for over a month and a half now, which is nothing when you compare it to those guys that are on their last transfer. They all say it goes by quickly though, I have yet to see that! I’m sure things will pick up soon enough. They also say that Chile is awesome and it’s going to be some of the best times I’ll ever have. I just need to keep working, then I’ll have fun, be happy and the time will fly by.

Con Amor!

Elder Rusick (Chile)

Mission Home Leter


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