Los Valles 2

So, the time has finally come and I´m finally out in the mission field. I feel like I was waiting to come out to Chile forever, and then once I got here I was waiting in the CCM forever. But I finally made it out and I get to do actual missionary things, like teach and talk to people in Spanish (kinda because they actually speak Chilean out here which is completely different than Spanish). But yea, so to start I´ll tell you about my dad that I received on Tuesday. His name is Elder Smith and he`s from Highland Utah, he went to American Fork high school and Utah State for a year after that. He`s pretty cool, he`s got 14 months in the mission, he´s the district leader and it´s his first time training. I feel like he´s really going to help me become the missionary that I need to be.


Okay next, our zone is the San Poablo oeste or este (I can´t remember) zone, and the ward I´m in is called Los Valles, and we share the ward with some sister missionaries so we only have half of the already pretty small ward, so our proselyting sector is Los Valles 2. We live as far away from our sector as we possibly can for some reason, It takes us around 20 to 30 minutes to get from our house to where our sector begins. So needless to say we walk a lot on top of the a lot that missionaries already walk. But its fun, more time to find people on the street and stuff. 

The next thing I´m going to talk about is Kevin. Who has 13 years and is my first baptism. Well elder Smith baptized him but still, I got to teach like three of the lessons to him with elder smith and then he was baptized on Sunday. He`s one of the most awesome kids ever, he was talking about how he wants to be a missionary once he gets older, which is awesome.

Okay next, (I didn’t have a lot of time to plan what I was going to write so my thoughts are a tad bit disorganized right now). Okay so Chile has this huge problem and its going to ruin something for me for the rest of my life. And its dogs. I hate them so much right now. Everybody here has at least 2 dogs. and then theres like 2 stray dogs for every person thats on the street. And the people leave food out for the the stray dogs on the street so they keep living. I didn’t think the people here think its a problem. i actually think that most people just take dogs from the street and keep them, and thats how they get their dogs… I could talk forever about the freaking dogs but I won`t because I know thats not what you want to hear about. What you want to hear about is matè. 

Matè is this weird herb stuff that everybody drinks here. so basically you get this special cup and you put the herb in it and then you put hot water in the cup and drink it with a special straw that keeps the herb out of the water. Its weird until you try it. But all the missionaries here drink it so its just something that i do now I guess. 

Alright thats all I got for this week till next time, Nos Vemos

Elder Rusick (Chile)


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