hay estamos (there we go)

So another week has passed out here in the mission field and I´m starting to get the hang of things, kind of.  I am starting to be able to talk more with the people in Spanish, kind of. But all is goiong good in beautiful (kind of) Santiago, Chile. Except that my trainer is starting to get a little sick and we might not be able to work as much as we need to this week, but we´ll get through it. 

Entonces, we had two more baptisms this week (pictured below). La familia Zenteno. They are awesome, I didn’t find them but I got to meet them over these first two weeks that I’ve been here and have learned that they are just great people. I learned that the dad had to give up smoking and tea, which he has been able to quit from for more than a month now. That is awesome! The only thing is that they have 3 hijos, 2 of them haven’t been taking the lessons. The third was going to get baptized this week too but she had a visitor in town that she hadn’t seen in two years. So she decided that she wanted to have the baptism the next week, which is a tad bit lame if you ask me but all I can do is invite, I can´t force people to do anything. 

So I feel a little bad that I didn´t really leave you with any spiritual thought last week. Now I´m not about to do a double spiritual thought this week, (Come on don’t be crazy), I just want all of you to know that I feel bad.

Okay so one thing that we talked a lot about this last week was perseverar hasta el fin, or enduring to the end. One thing that i found myself saying a lot to the people as we would teach this is that it’s all about the little things. We call the the OLA, Orar (pray), Leer (read), and asistir (attend).  And when we do those three simple things we have almost all of enduring to the end and keeping up with our covenants covered. And most people we talked to didn´t really have too much problems with doing two of the three things. But a lot of people here have an issue with going to church every week. They always throw out these lame excuses like: church is too early (even though its not, its at 10 and theyre all just a bunch of whimps), or it’s too cold to go to church (once again they’re clearly just being whimps, and the church is like the only building in Chile that has actual heating in it.), or other lame excuses like that. But we have to remind them of the many reasons why it is important to attend church every week. Like that it is a commandment, it is where you can take the sacrement, it’s one of the ways that you can show your love for God, and many other things. But yea, endure to the end because thats part of the gospel of Jesus Christ, it’s part of the covenants that you´ve made and through it is the only way that we can find our way back to living with our Heavenly Father and obtaining eternal life and happiness.

Until next time, love you all!

Elder Rusick (Chile)


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