Primero cambio en el campo esta cumpleto

So today is the first day of the change, which will be my third change in the mission but my only second change in the mission field (not the CCM). I will be staying with my trainer Elder Smith for this next change and he thinks that we might have one more together after this change too (I´m not saying its for sure but it wouldn’t be the first time a guy named Smith received revelation).  


Shoes I don’t wear – Shoes I do wear

We´re super excited for this new change and this new opportunity to work hard, improve and be better than we were during the previous change. We have some new people that we have found. We hope to start working with them and that they start progressing, I´ll get to some of them later. Anyways, I´m super excited for this change because I feel like I can speak a lot more and a lot better Spanish than I could when I first arrived (which was pretty much nothing so it wasn’t too hard to improve on that). Also because I feel like my confidence in just sharing something with a random person is much better. Which is good because I find myself talking to random people a lot, and most of the time if not always it’s in Spanish (except for the people that like to try to bother us by saying hello to us). But usually when that happens we just say how are you back to them and they just repeat whatever we say … so I take that as a win. 


P-Day Activities – Tight Rope Walking

So Akanne, who I talked about last week no fue bautizado la domingo pasada (sorry it was easier to spell in Spainish) because her brother had to go to the hospital. She went to visit him on Saturday and Sunday so she couldn’t have her interview or go to church. Next week is stake conference so I don’t know whats going to happen. Ojala que en two weeks y no mas. 

But good news is that Kevin (el hijo que fue bautizado caudo yo llegue ( once again easier to spell in Spanish)) received the Priesthood on Sunday which was really awesome!

So some of the people  that we are going to work very hard on this change are Leo and his brothers and hopefully his family. They are super awesome, we gave the the booklet for the first lesson and a El Libro de Mormon (and told them to read to introduction) when we went by after our contact to read for our next visit, and when we arrived to teach it, they had all read and started telling all the information that they knew about it. Which was a lot, especially for a 14, 13, and 11 year olds. But the whole family is super awesome. the dad is an inactive member of the church y fue bautizado caudo El era un niño en Argentina. The mom knows a lot about religion but doesn’t affiliate herself with any church and there is also an 8 year old (he was there for the lessons) and a 1.5 year old… and another kid on the way. But they are all super cool and we want to be able to teach all of them and hopefully reactivate the dad. But after we had invited to kids a ser bautizado the mom walked down the stairs and they were all like ¨mama vamos a ser bautizado!!¨and they asked if they could and she said if thats what the wanted, then Leo was like I don’t know about them but I´m going a ser bautizado for sure. It was pretty cool. 


My Zone – Before the last change

So … for the thought of the week I’m just going to put a quote that my comp said to me this last week, he doesn’t know where its from really but its:

¨Faith is action, so if the mountain doesn’t move… Grab a shovel and start digging. 

Hope all is well with everyone back home.

Con Amor,

Elder Rusick (chile) 


A week of rain ….

Okay so this week was pretty weird but pretty cool at the same time. To start off, on Martes I went to my first zone conference which was with three other zones. It was pretty cool, we learned that we are allowed to play soccer again (because it was against the rules to play when I got here), and we also learned that we are now allowed to go to the temple once a transfer on the last PDay of the transfer if we want. That’s super awesome because its the temple and now I don’t have to wait until april to go again. So my companion and I are pretty stoked on that news. One of the other big things we learned at the zone conference was that we need to set our own goals, not just have the goals that the mission has for us. And while these goals need top be attainable they cant be super easy, the should be just difficult enough to where we need to be constantly asking the Lord for help as we look to accomplish these goals. 

The next day after zone conference it was raining pretty hard while we were doing our studies and we got a call from the zone leaders and they said that we couldnt work because of the rain. We thought that they were joking so we laughed and then they were like no, you guys can only go outside for citas fijas (set appointments). So we had to call of the people we were going to pass by that day to see if we could stop by.  And because its Chile and because it was raining we couldn’t get a single set appointment for that day. So it was kind of lame that we couldnt work because of the rain. It’s rained everyday since then as well, but I’m not the guy running the show. 

But otherwise this week has been pretty awesome, we found two new families that we are hoping to start progressing, and we also found an older guy named Manuel. He’s Im guessing around 65 or 70 and his wife passed away a year or so ago, but hes super ready for our message. We found him on tuesday night after our zone conference and he was actually able to go church with us on sunday which was awesome. We are also working with still the daughter of the couple that we had babtized my second week here, she was talking to us about her testimony abouty prayer and how she never could feel like her prayers could be heard until she heard the missionaries. So shes progressing and we are hoping to get her in to the water this week or the next. 

But yea, today for PDay we went to the outlets, which was pretty cool because we got to go to all of the stores that they have in Los Estados Unidos, pero it’s also kind of lame because it made me super trunky (made me think about home) which isn’t great as a missionary. But it was all good in the end, it was cool to see all of the brands that I haven’t seen in a couple of months and even see the biggest Rip Curl outlet that I’ve ever seen in my life. But thats what we did today. 

So for the little spiritual message … Because I have had to spend a couple of days inside in the last two weeks a was able to finish Jesus the Christ. And one thing that I really like that it talks about in it is what it takes to be a disciple of Chirst. You always hear about having to leave your nets behind like some of the apostles had to do in order to be able to fully follow Christ. But what I have come to learn from that after reading and after being in Chile for this time so far is that leaving your nets behind is leaving all that is important to your life behind for the work of the savior and for the work of bringing souls unto salvación. The apostles had to give up their nets tin order to follow christ which meant that they left their jobs and their families, but they would also go on to give thier lives as wel as many other disciples would. All becasue they were doing the work of the Lord and testifying that Jesus was the Christ and the way of salvscion. Im not saying that we all need lay down our lives in order to follow Chirst, but to be a discple is to endure difficulties and trials, but as we do things that the Lord has commanded us He will be with us and help us and guide us along the way. 

Con Mucho Amor

Elder Rusick (Chile)