Hay que trabajar no mas

Well I don’t have too much to talk about this week, I don’t feel like a lot of things happened this week that are worth mentioning. I guess I can try, so today was the first day that we could actually play soccer since I arrived, but its been like a year since it was banned in the mission. It’s super fun to play with the latinos because they’re super good and I think at times they don’t understand why the gringos are so bad. 


They legalized “weed” here … Just kidding! 🙂


Elder Smith shaved a bunch of hair off of one of my legs so i shaved it completely, just the one though.

This last week we have been focusing our efforts on finding more people to teach… we didn’t have too much success, but we hope that we can focus more this next week and work harder to find the people that have been prepared for us to teach. So that’s pretty much whats going on here. 

23  Y aconteció que yo, Nefi, hice un arco de madera, y UNA flecha de un palo recto; por tanto, me armé con un arco y una flecha, y con una honda y piedras, y le dije a mi padre: ¿A dónde debo ir para obtener alimento?

 24  Y aconteció que él preguntó al Seño

So this is my message for the week. Bad things are going to happen to all of us in our lives, we all will pass through challenges and trilas. its like Nephi when he broke his bow (which was made of metal so, thats pretty impressive, i guess he was exceedingly large in stature after all), but when he broke it they lost their only way to get food. As for Nephi, he was pretty much getting yelled at by everyone. I can imagine that he was probably stressed, upset, sad, angry and frustrated, we have felt like that before, but how he reacts is what is important. He goes and makes another bow right away and decides to put his trust in the Lord to get out of the situation. You know that he’s putting all of his trust in the Lord because he goes to his father and asks where should I go to get the food, probably knowing that Lehi would ask the lord, so there’s that and the fact that he only makes ONE FREAKING ARROW, how crazy is that, like what if you miss or hit something like a tree and it gets stuck or hit an animal and it runs off with it. But he knew that the Lord would put him in the right place to be able to use his arrow wisely and effectively. So basically my message is … Trust in the Lord in times that are good as well as times of trial and difficulty. But we have to do some work and show our faith (which remember, faith is action) and trust in the Lord that he will help us. Things will work out in the lord´s own time and in his own way. 

Con Amor, 

Elder Rusick (chile)


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