14 Sept 2015

Bueno, para que ustedes sepas yo no tengo ninguno idea que yo voy a escribir en está correo electrónico ahora… I feel like stuff happened this week, I´m almost positive that at least one thing happened this week, but a literally can´t remember. But I guess I can start off by tell all of you guys that we got to do a service project on saturday in Curicavi. We painted stuff that… we stuff that just needed to be painted. I really don´t know all that much about it I just do what I´m told alot of the time. But it was a little lame because they din´t have enough paint brushes for everyone so like four people would paint and then like four people would stand off to the side a chat. But it was a service and thats what matters. 

But since I am talking about things that take away time from the work, I guess I´ll tell you guys about the awesome time we had on the 11th. So here in Chile on the 11th of september all of the patos malos (bad ducks. sketchy hood rat kids) go nuts and riot and stuff. And to add to that I guess alot of the anger or whatever feelings they have are dirrected toward america. Because America took out a Chilean lider and put in their own guy and he wasn´t too cool of a guy. But anyways on the 11th all missionaries have to be inside by 6. and because our house is outside of our sector was  had to stop working at like 530 or something to get to the house. But it was a little nice to be able to relax y todo. ANd sleeping while you´re pretty sure you can hear gunshots (or anything that sounds like a gun, and you assume its a gun because everyone freaks out about this day) is always exciting. 

So as for some spiritual enlightenment for everyone here:

En Mosíah capitulo 26 dice sobre Alma y cuando él escuchó el voz del Señor. Y parte de eso en versículos 29-31 mas o menos dicen algo cómo asi: 

We will always be forgiven of whatever transgression or sin that we have comitted, if we sincerley, humblely and correctly repent of our sins or transgressions. And it says that the Lord will forgive us however many times we need to repent and become perfect. 

That is the point of this church and this gospel and this life, to make mistakes, learn from them, and rise when we fall to become perfect like the savior and padre celestial. And the way has been prepared for us, since the beginning, so that we can accomplish this. The plan of our loving heavenly father was set up for us to have a savior to take upon himself all of our mistakes, so that we could make mistakes and still recieve forgiveness from them. It doesnt matter how long or how many times it takes, we all can become perect. Its like a priest blessing the sacrement, every once and a while he will mess up, but he can try again until he gets it right and he will be accepted as perfect. 

¨why do we fall bruce?  so we can learn to get back up¨ – batman´s dad

That is what i wanted to share. 

Elder Rusick (Chile)


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