How about a tribe of asparogus children that are self-concious about the way their pee smells

So the big thing that happened this week was thatr it rained, a ton, then it was super hot for like two days, then mother earth was like “yea I changed my mind… again, lets make it rain some more”. And the thing that sucks about this is that when its raining, or looks like its going to rain ( or if the weather man says its going to rain and its a beautiful day anyways) nobody answers their doors or is on the streets. Also when its super hot its the same thing. But I guess thats just what happend sometimes. 


A little non-PDay Cardio.

But other than that it was a pretty good week. I got to give my first talk in sacrement meeting on fellowshipping (I think thats what it is, in spanish it was hermandad). Thankfully I was advised that I would be giving it like 10 minutes before because that would have been a train wreck. But I found out on Thursday night, so naturally (following the great habits that I have kept from college) early Sunday morning I began to write. Then in the meeting I pretty much just read the whole thing without looking up. 


Have I mentioned the number of dogs in Chile?

So rather than writting a lot this week I am going to send a lot of pictures, because I set a bunch of goals for the mission and one was to take at least one picture everyday that I can send home (another was be 240 lbs when I get back, and I´m 265 right now (thats 45lbs lost). But don´t worry there will be a spiritual thought. 

Spiritual thought:

So I read a lot from the Book of Mormon this week (like more than usual because all missionaries read a lot from the BoM… at least the ones that do what they are supposed to do). But, what I read was the war chapters of the Book of Mormon. Which is hard to find a lot of good spiritual stuff from that, however what I found was a super profound lesson but it was a lesson that everyone needs to hear every once and a while. It is about the 2000 stripling warriors, it says that not one soul was lost because they followed with exactness every order that was given to them by their leader Helaman, and that they did this according to their faith. So my brief message is that of the prophet´s in the priesthood session of conference… simply keep the commandment. With exactness having faith that when you can do this you will exceed in all things “and not one should will be lost”. 

Pero eso es. 

Con gran amor

Elder Rusick (Chile) (In one week the only Elder Rusick in the field) 


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