I don´t care

So this week Elder Krasnoselsky of the 70, spoke to our entire mission which was pretty cool. 

We walked around and taught some lessons which was cool.

We got to play full-field soccer today for p-day which was cool. 

We bought 50 popsicles (1 per day until the end of the change)

Spiritual thought:

So one thing that I was reading about in my studies this week is found in Mosiah chapter 2 (and no it doesn´t have to do with service). What we can learn from this chapter is that we are all inprofitable servants to the lord. We all know that Jesus Christ came to earth and suffered for our sins to make us clean to return to live with our heavenly father again. But also with that sacrifice we are also able to be redeemed of our fallen state (which all sons of men are born into because of the fall of Adam). No how does this have to do with being a profitable or inprofitable servant? Basically that we can be as perfect as Jesus Christ (hypothetically of coarse because we really can´t be) and we still wouldn´t profit the lord anything because we are still in debt to him because we cannot redeem ourselves of our fallen state. It says in mosiah that even if we him wit all of our soul for our whole lives, we are still debtors and are still men that are of the dust of the earth. And all he asks of us in return is that we follow him and keep his commandments. 

I have also heard it explained like if your parents pay for piano lessons, and all they ask for you in return is that you practice. Practicing is not going to pay the for the lessons, they were already paid for. But practicing is going to make it better for you at the recital. 

And just like practicing the piano brings you the blessings of being a better piano player. We are promised two blessings for following and keepin the commandments that we have been given. The first is that we will be in a happy and blessed state in temporal as well as spiritual things. The second is that we can return to live with our heavenly father in a state of happiness that is unimaginable. 

Elder Rusick


Like my future spouse this week was very hot

So first off today was the day of changes (transfers) and I´m staying in my place of birth for at least one more change (4th in sector). Which is going to be super awesome because I´ll get to pass my 6 month and Christmas here in the valleys. So me and daddy (Elder) Robbins are pretty stoked for that. One thing we´re not stoked for is summer though. I´m telling you one of the weirdest things is having it be November and 39c outside (that’s 100 F). The Christmas decorations don´t help (even though some of them have been up since I got here in July, they don´t take them down here). Not a lot of good stories for this week, it kinda just flew by so sorry about that…

But one thing I was thinking of was that RM’s have lot’s of experiences and lessons to share. So I was thinking (specifically Blake, Corey and Dad) that you guys or other RM’s that want to share could give a one sentence council of something they learned on their missions. 

 Spiritual thought:

As I was reading an old Liahona I found on the last page a question “¡Como puedo encontrar gozo cuando la vida es difícil?” or “how can I find joy when life is difficult?” Then just below the answer: “Tantas cosas en la vida dependen de nuestra actitud. La forma en que escogemos ver las cosas y respondemos a los demás marca toda la diferencia. El poner nuestro mejor empeño y luego decidir ser felices en nuestra circunstancias, sean cuales sean, nos trae paz y satisfacción.” or “So many things in life depend in our attitude. The form that we choose to see and respond to them makes all the difference. To put in our best intention and decide to be happy in our circumstances, whatever they are, brings us peace and satisfactions.” This quote lead me to have a deep spiritual conversation with myself (some people call that meditation). A lot of it was about the atonement and what Elder Oaks had said in the last general conference. It says in Alma 7 the Lord suffered all things so that he could know how to perfectly succor his people (for those that don´t know succor means to give relief). Essentially, he suffered all things we did, do or will to know exactly how we felt, feel or will feel in order to give us relief in our infirmities, sorrows, temptations, afflictions and all other things. We learn from the apostles of old that we can “cast our cares upon him, for he careth for us” (1 peter 5:7) and also Christ himself said “come unto me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest” (matthew 11:28). So we can see that part of the atoning sacrifice is to give us relief, but if this is the case why is it that we still pass through trials and have problems? In John 16:33 it says “In the world you will have tribulation. But be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

 So yes, trials and problems are supposed to happen for various reasons, and while we can turn to the atonement for relief we cannot just ditch all of our problems on it and come away with nothing. Sometimes like in the case of Alma (the older) the Lord “strengthens them that they may bear their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord.” The relief that we receive sometimes is not to just wipe away the pain of trial, but it is strength to have patience to bear trials. 

*Fun Part*

So back to the scripture in Matthew 11:28, the following two scriptures say the following: “take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart and ye shall find rest unto your souls. 30) for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” 

So the yoke referred to isn’t an actual yoke, but it is to take upon yourself the name of Christ. And it is easy to take up (see alma 37:44-47) To take heed to the word of Christ which leads us to a better land of promise if we do not get lazy in the easiness of the way. 

The burden is light, but it is light like light from the sun not light as in light in weight. When we take upon the name of Christ (baptism) we receive the spirit and the truth of all things of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ. 

And how does this relate?

Well if we take the yoke (his name) upon us and receive the light (his spirit and light of gospel knowledge) and humble ourselves we can find rest unto our souls. Basically we have to actively live in harmony with his teachings, laws and ordinances to receive the full effects and blessings of the atonement. 

 So “how can I find joy when life is hard?” Yes the answer is clearly to have a positive mental attitude about all things that you confront. But also it is to change your view and perspective of all problems as something that Christ already suffered for you and that he knows how to overcome them. And if you truly seek his help he will give relief perfectly in the way you need it. And if you can see things like that you will have the peace and satisfaction poured out unto your soul. 

Elder Rusick (Big and Sexy) 

The human torch applied for a bank loan

So this week is the last week of the transfer which means that P-Day is on Tuesday instead of Monday so that we can go to the temple (sorry to those of you that wait at their computers every Monday hitting refresh hoping that my letter finally arrives). But once again I wasn’t able to go, nobody was able to go because there was no room for us… Oh well my work is for the living right now. 

But in other news, the stuff that happened this week. First thing that I can remember is that my comp and I had to teach the gospel principles class on Sunday. We taught about thew gift of tongues (weird how stuff like that works out), then we taught about the gift of interpretation. With that we told a story about David O. McKay and how he spoke for 40 minutes to people in New Zealand (that didn’t speak english) and the all basically could understand him from the spirit he spoke with. And after we told that story we read The Living Christ and the first vision in english then bore our testimonies in english. It was cool to hear how a couple of them said the could understand our testimonies, not like the words but the spirit. But it was weird talking in english or at least giving the testimony in english. 


The next story would be that we bought hammocks last p-day. So naturally we tried to sleep in them Sunday night on the balcony. It went pretty well until about 2:30 am when just about every dog in Chile decided to start barking as loud as it could. We both woke up and went inside to sleep. WE were so tired the next day. I hate dogs so much, they ruin everything. 

But on some of the work side of everything we finally got someone with a baptism date. We had found so many new investigators this change and we’ve been trying to find the ones that would progress. I finally feel like we have someone, but we´ll have to see. I can only hope that the spirit can work through my comp and I so we can really help him enter into path to eternal life through baptism. 

Um so for some spiritual stuff this week (I wrote it in Spanish)

Por fin terminé el libro de mormón en jueves de esta semana pasada. empecé en julio cuando yo llegué en el campo misional. pero yo sentí que aprendía muchas cosas durante mi lectura e estudios de libros. Sentí como era la primera vez que leí el libro de mormón. Pero siempre sabía que era verdadero pero ahora yo entiendo la importancia de ese. En doctrina y convenios18:15,16 dice algo de grande sería tu gozo si puede traer una sola alma al reino de mi Padre. Ahora yo no sé todos pero yo sé bastante para decir que esa alma soy yo. Yo sé que el libro de mormón es verdadero, que josé smith fue llamado por Dois para restaurar la iglesia, la iglesia de Jesucristo, la única iglesia verdadera en la tierra hoy día. Yo sé sin duda que el sacerdocio ha sido restaurado con todas las ordenanzas, que con eso todos puedan ser salvos en el reino de Dios. También, sé que la familia eterna es uno de las bendiciones mas grandes en la vida y que es una bendición real. Y finalmente sé que mi propósito en la vida es para tener gozo, y mi propósito en la misión es para ayudar personas encontrar el mismo gozo. Y si mi gozo es tan grande si puedo traer esta sola alma (que soy yo) cuan sería mi gozo si puedo traer muchas almas a Dios. 

Ahora invito a todas a leer y probar el libro de mormón para saber por sus mismos.

Con mucho amor

Translated from Google Translate

I finally finished the book of Mormon on Thursday of this past week. I started in July when I arrived in the mission field. but I felt I learned a lot during my studies and reading books. I felt like it was the first time I read the Book of Mormon. But I always knew it was true but now I understand the importance of that. In doctrine and convenios18: 15,16 says something big would be your joy if you can bring one soul to the kingdom of my Father. Now all I do not know but I know enough to say that soul is me. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, that Joseph Smith was called by Dois to restore the church, the church of Jesus Christ, the only true church on earth today. I certainly know that the priesthood has been restored with all ordinances, with that everyone can be saved in the kingdom of God. Also, I know that eternal family is one of the greatest blessings in life and that is a real blessing. And finally I know my purpose in life is to have joy, and my purpose in mission is to help people find the same joy. And if my joy is so great if I can bring this one soul (that’s me) how would my joy if I can bring many souls to God.

Now I invite all to read and prove the Book of Mormon to find out their own.

With much love

Elder Rusick (Big and Sexy) 

Sonreírse (I have a very important announcement to make … cannonball)

So for this week I put on my thinking cap and decided to do something that may shock some of you. I decided to plan ahead for writing and I wrote everything down that was worth sharing so I wouldn’t forget it. 


We picked up a hammock this week.

The first thing that happened was Zone Conference. We had this super special health zone conference this change which I just loved [because who wouldn´t love sitting in a chapel for a couple of hours (8) talking about health]. But one thing that I loved that someone said there was about mental health and atitude, that a lot of people stress out way to much about being perfect. We will not achieve perfection in this life, but if we are perfect in and through Christ (the sacrement) then we are perfect enough right now to be perfect in the next part of the plan of happiness. 


Ramen spaghetti noodles, egg, bbq sauce, ranch, chicken breading seasoning….yummy

The next thing that happened was that I almost was bitten by a dog. We were just doing contacts after the zone conference and were walking by a place that we always walk by. And the dog that limps and always barks at us starting running after me (surprisingly fast). They say that you shouldn’t run away from the dog if it chases you but it’s instinct (and pride because I thought I could outrun that dog). But it jumped at my calf and I felt its teeth and then I smacked it with my foot. It didn´t break skin (or pant leg) so we’re all good. 

Another interesting thing that had happened was that we were talking to this lady at her house and she was peeling beans (like really big peas). And we said “do you need any help” and she actually to our amazment said yes. So we spent the next hour peeling beans and teaching the restoration. It was weird to say the least, I never thought I would have to share the first vision while peeling any kind of vegetable or legrumbre (I always thought it would be some kind of fruit if it actually happened). 

Other interesting things: Halloween in Chile, they just got to the house and yell “QUEREMOS DULCES” until they get them. 


We dressed up as each other for Halloween

We also taught the Chilean Adam Sandler … para que sepáis.

Spiritual thought:

In the Book of Mormon when Jesus Christ appears to the Nephites, He teaches them, and us many things. One thing is that He is light and He has set the example for us (3 Nefi 18:16). Then in verse 24 He commands us to hold up our light and let them shine, that He is the light that we should hold up and present to others, and that we should do what we have seen Him do. Also we learn in 3 Nephi 27:27 that we should be perfect even like Christ (or at least as perfect as we can be). Big sandals to fill am I right? But as I pondered how we can even begin to try to accomplish this enormous task, 2 things stood out to me. The first in 3 Nephi 19:25 & 30 the first verse it says that Jesus´ countenance smiled upon the multitude and they were white even as He was. The second again says that He smiles upon them and affirms that it was His smile that was what made them brighter. 

Richard G Scott said “Smile, everyone has problems but nobody wants to hear about them, Smile, it is a beautiful way to let sun shine into your life and spread it to the joy and benefit of others.” 

We know that a smile can brighten up your face but we also learn that a smile can brighten up your life as well. Chad Lewis (former BYU football player, and Superbowl runner-up for the Eagles) said that we need to let our lights shine because there are always people in any location that can benefit from your light. And a great way to display this would be through a smile, a smile can show the joy and positivity in your life,; it will show people around you the way living the gospel of Jesus Christ can improve their lives as well. Also smiles are up lifting, when someone has a huge smile on there face how hard is it not to smile? Smiles are contagious and the joy and light that comes from them can be to. I am reminded of the story from conference (I don´t remember who said it but I´m sure you remember it) about how the man thought he felt some one looking at him in the conference center when he was sitting as a new general authority. He looked down and saw now President Nelson looking back and smiling at him. How that smile calmed his nerves and allowed him to feel the joy and light from president nelson. 

And we all know that all smiles are different. Some are aesthetically pretty and some are pretty in uh… other ways. But we can all tell when a smile is real or when it is fake. This is because a real genuine smile no matter how really really ridiculously good looking or how other it looks you can feel a real smile. You can feel the light that comes from it. It shines someones personal light, as well as the light of Christ that is in all of us, and it is beautiful. It is a great way to be more like Christ and to illuminate our own lights and as well as others.

So this enormous challenge to be more like Christ, to follow his example, and to let our lights shine to the world. It really can be simple. Smile. 

Elder Rusick (Big and Sexy)