Sonreírse (I have a very important announcement to make … cannonball)

So for this week I put on my thinking cap and decided to do something that may shock some of you. I decided to plan ahead for writing and I wrote everything down that was worth sharing so I wouldn’t forget it. 


We picked up a hammock this week.

The first thing that happened was Zone Conference. We had this super special health zone conference this change which I just loved [because who wouldn´t love sitting in a chapel for a couple of hours (8) talking about health]. But one thing that I loved that someone said there was about mental health and atitude, that a lot of people stress out way to much about being perfect. We will not achieve perfection in this life, but if we are perfect in and through Christ (the sacrement) then we are perfect enough right now to be perfect in the next part of the plan of happiness. 


Ramen spaghetti noodles, egg, bbq sauce, ranch, chicken breading seasoning….yummy

The next thing that happened was that I almost was bitten by a dog. We were just doing contacts after the zone conference and were walking by a place that we always walk by. And the dog that limps and always barks at us starting running after me (surprisingly fast). They say that you shouldn’t run away from the dog if it chases you but it’s instinct (and pride because I thought I could outrun that dog). But it jumped at my calf and I felt its teeth and then I smacked it with my foot. It didn´t break skin (or pant leg) so we’re all good. 

Another interesting thing that had happened was that we were talking to this lady at her house and she was peeling beans (like really big peas). And we said “do you need any help” and she actually to our amazment said yes. So we spent the next hour peeling beans and teaching the restoration. It was weird to say the least, I never thought I would have to share the first vision while peeling any kind of vegetable or legrumbre (I always thought it would be some kind of fruit if it actually happened). 

Other interesting things: Halloween in Chile, they just got to the house and yell “QUEREMOS DULCES” until they get them. 


We dressed up as each other for Halloween

We also taught the Chilean Adam Sandler … para que sepáis.

Spiritual thought:

In the Book of Mormon when Jesus Christ appears to the Nephites, He teaches them, and us many things. One thing is that He is light and He has set the example for us (3 Nefi 18:16). Then in verse 24 He commands us to hold up our light and let them shine, that He is the light that we should hold up and present to others, and that we should do what we have seen Him do. Also we learn in 3 Nephi 27:27 that we should be perfect even like Christ (or at least as perfect as we can be). Big sandals to fill am I right? But as I pondered how we can even begin to try to accomplish this enormous task, 2 things stood out to me. The first in 3 Nephi 19:25 & 30 the first verse it says that Jesus´ countenance smiled upon the multitude and they were white even as He was. The second again says that He smiles upon them and affirms that it was His smile that was what made them brighter. 

Richard G Scott said “Smile, everyone has problems but nobody wants to hear about them, Smile, it is a beautiful way to let sun shine into your life and spread it to the joy and benefit of others.” 

We know that a smile can brighten up your face but we also learn that a smile can brighten up your life as well. Chad Lewis (former BYU football player, and Superbowl runner-up for the Eagles) said that we need to let our lights shine because there are always people in any location that can benefit from your light. And a great way to display this would be through a smile, a smile can show the joy and positivity in your life,; it will show people around you the way living the gospel of Jesus Christ can improve their lives as well. Also smiles are up lifting, when someone has a huge smile on there face how hard is it not to smile? Smiles are contagious and the joy and light that comes from them can be to. I am reminded of the story from conference (I don´t remember who said it but I´m sure you remember it) about how the man thought he felt some one looking at him in the conference center when he was sitting as a new general authority. He looked down and saw now President Nelson looking back and smiling at him. How that smile calmed his nerves and allowed him to feel the joy and light from president nelson. 

And we all know that all smiles are different. Some are aesthetically pretty and some are pretty in uh… other ways. But we can all tell when a smile is real or when it is fake. This is because a real genuine smile no matter how really really ridiculously good looking or how other it looks you can feel a real smile. You can feel the light that comes from it. It shines someones personal light, as well as the light of Christ that is in all of us, and it is beautiful. It is a great way to be more like Christ and to illuminate our own lights and as well as others.

So this enormous challenge to be more like Christ, to follow his example, and to let our lights shine to the world. It really can be simple. Smile. 

Elder Rusick (Big and Sexy)


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