I don´t care

So this week Elder Krasnoselsky of the 70, spoke to our entire mission which was pretty cool. 

We walked around and taught some lessons which was cool.

We got to play full-field soccer today for p-day which was cool. 

We bought 50 popsicles (1 per day until the end of the change)

Spiritual thought:

So one thing that I was reading about in my studies this week is found in Mosiah chapter 2 (and no it doesn´t have to do with service). What we can learn from this chapter is that we are all inprofitable servants to the lord. We all know that Jesus Christ came to earth and suffered for our sins to make us clean to return to live with our heavenly father again. But also with that sacrifice we are also able to be redeemed of our fallen state (which all sons of men are born into because of the fall of Adam). No how does this have to do with being a profitable or inprofitable servant? Basically that we can be as perfect as Jesus Christ (hypothetically of coarse because we really can´t be) and we still wouldn´t profit the lord anything because we are still in debt to him because we cannot redeem ourselves of our fallen state. It says in mosiah that even if we him wit all of our soul for our whole lives, we are still debtors and are still men that are of the dust of the earth. And all he asks of us in return is that we follow him and keep his commandments. 

I have also heard it explained like if your parents pay for piano lessons, and all they ask for you in return is that you practice. Practicing is not going to pay the for the lessons, they were already paid for. But practicing is going to make it better for you at the recital. 

And just like practicing the piano brings you the blessings of being a better piano player. We are promised two blessings for following and keepin the commandments that we have been given. The first is that we will be in a happy and blessed state in temporal as well as spiritual things. The second is that we can return to live with our heavenly father in a state of happiness that is unimaginable. 

Elder Rusick


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