Cambios… and a happy new year

So the time has finally come and I have left my first sector to go work in another part of the vineyard. I have left Los Valles (2) for Renca 2 (a). And for those of you that are not familiar with the geography of Santiago, Renca 2 is in pretty much the city of Renca (if that helps you guys get a picture of where it is and all that). But with leaving my sector that also comes with leaving my comp for a new one. And my new comp is Elder Allsop. He is from the group that arrived with Elder Robbins (my comp that I just had) so he has about 16 months in the mission. He is from St. George Utah (for those of you that are counting thats 4 in a row out of 4 from Utah including the CCM) but theres nothing I can really do about that. I would love to tell you guys more about him but I don´t know that much more about him yet. But anyways super excited for the new change and the new ward/ sector. 


Bienvenidos a Renca!


Me and my new Comp Elder Allsop

Sorry I really didn’t have time to prepare a thought or anything, but the one next week will be super awesome. 

Elder Rusick


Christmas is coming, Its practically here. (Grinch quote)

So this week was another thriller. We got to go for round two of visa stuff… twice. What happened was the office didn’t give me my passport the first day we tried to do it. They told me that I would be fin with just the photocopies, but unfortunatly it didn’t work out that way. So we learned that we had to go back a different day after waiting all day. But its all good now and I don’t have to worry about that stuff anymore. 

We have a member that is a cop here in Chile

This week was a long one. We couldn’t really find a lot of houses to get in to. A lot of the people we have been teaching are out of town and stuff. So we decided to just contact (pretty much the whole time). But it wored pretty well, we just about filled up a couple pages of futures in two days, set my PR for contacts in a week and met some really interesting people. Like we met this one dude that builds arcade machines (like pac man and all that). So he builds the frames and does all the software and puts it all together and sells them, its pretty cool.

We also had two latin missionaries move into our house because their owners wanted their house back, so let the shenanagins begin.

Spiritual thought:

So this week I got to teach part of the district class (normally the district leader teaches 40 minutes and another missionary teaches 30) which isnt a big deal beacuse I have to do it alot because my comp has always been the district leader. But the topic I got was the Atonement. Which for me was scary, first beacsue thats a huge topic for a small class, and second because it is very hard t understand completelty (its actually impossible). But what I want to share with you is that the Atonement is like eggs… yes eggs. If the Plan of Happiness was a recipe for a cake and all the parts of the plan were a different ingrediant, the Atonement would be the eggs. This is the reasoning, without the Atonement the plan doesnt work, and without the eggs the ake doesnt work. Like you can still mix ll the stuff together and throw it in the oven without eggs, but it won’t stay together and it will all fall apart. THe same with the Plan of Happiness without the Atonement, we still could have been sent here (thrown in the oven) but it all would have been a big mess (bigger mess than usual) and we wouldve ended up in the garbage in the end. Because without the Atonement (eggs) no matter how perfect we are, we cannot save ourselves from the fallen state that we are in. 

Sorry that I don’t really have an entirely complete thought this week, I’ll try to do better on that. But I do have an invitation. Although the the Atonement is impossible to understand completely, we need to try our best to learn all that we can about what is possible to comprehend. Also seeing that is is the most important part of a perfect plan, it important to undersand the importance of it  (like how good bakers understand the imortance of eggs in cakes) so you always remember to use it. 

But back to the invitation. It is to take time out of your days/weeks to ponder or meditate about the atonement, its signifacance in both the world and your life personally. And as a called representative of Jesus Christ I promise that the more you ponder and mediate and seek the spirit of revalation you can understand the power of the atonment in your life and will be able to use it more effectively to find the blessings that are waiting for you. 

But thats about it. (Not going to lie, writing this really made me want to eat cake… like real american cake, not the chilean cake)

Oh also, #HaNacidoUnSalvador (probably should’ve written about that more but I honestly forgot that it was christmas)


Other than that, a good week.

So this week I have the experience of a lifetime to tell all of you guys. So gather round kiddos as I tell you all my experience of trying to get a visa here in Chile. So to start the story off and to set the mood I want all of to imagine the DMV, on its busiest day, when you dan´t have a reservation or anything. Okay now keep that feeling in your mind. 


So this week on Thursday I had to start the process of my visa paperwork. The first place I had to go was to get my visa stamped. So we took a number that said “come back at 12:45” (it was 930!). So after we waited, we were ushered into a small room with like 100 people in it, and waited for our number to be called to get the stamp, after about 45 minutes my passport was stamped and then I had to wait for them to give it back to me (like another 20 minutes). Then we went to the super fun and exciting IPD which is just the International Police here in Chile. We had to take a number there too, mine was 689, and they were currently on number 287… And the rest of my day (well pretty much my whole day) was like 56 time worse than that feeling that I had you all rememeber at the beginning of the story. *Also remember that its hotter in Africa and Chileans don´t really believe in air conditioning. 


Spiritual thought

So I was reading in the Liahona this from December this week an article about Joseph Smith and the Book of Revelations. In the article there was a quote…

“Whenever God gives a vision of an image, or beast, orfigure of any kind, He always holds Himself responsibleto give a revelation or interpretation of the meaningthereof, otherwise we are not responsible oraccountable for our belief in it. Don’t be afraid of beingdamned for not knowing the meaning of a vision orfigure, if God has not given a revelation orinterpretation of the subject.”

So basically what I took from that is that everything that God wants us to know, he will reveal unto us. And yes especially with understanding the scriptures but also with other things. In alma 26:22 it says that a person that repenth and exerciseth faith and bringeth forth good works and prayeth continually- unto such is given to know the mysteries of God. 

Or the way I like to summarize it is that someone that is purified through repentance and the spirit of God, is given unto him all things that God wnats him or her to know/do. Rememeber that God doesn´t want us to walk in darkness, He gives light to those that seek it. 


Elder Rusick

Yeah, they call me Rabbit this is a turtle race

So this week… I´m trying to think back at all te stuff that happened this week but honestly nothing is coming to my mind. It was also a short week (or at least from the time that I last wrote). 


Couple of Tall Dudes Hanging out in Santiago

One thing though is that with the missions reinforcement of the rule that we can´t enter a house without another male over 18 years (its always been like that but a lot of people said that with an open door and window and if you can see and hear the street its cool), we haven´t been able to get into as many houses to teach people. Which is GREAT; because we have the opportunity to work with the members more and also look for families to teach. 


XXL Bowls of Ice Cream w/ Elder Robbins

But while the lessons weren´t flowing like milk and honey we still found opportunities to fulfill our callings in different ways. I think I bore my testimony of the BoM and the savior in more contacts than I had ever done before this weeks, We also found more opportunities to do service (see pictures). 

But all in all it was a pretty good week, I learned a lot which is all that really matters.

Enjoying A “Completo”

 Spiritual thought:

In helaman 5 in verses 6-12 Nefi and Lehi are recieving counsel from their father before they leave to go preach. And helaman says remember about 13 or 14 times (or at least in spanish he does). But what speciffically are we suppossed to rememebr (because this counsel is for all of us). 

1. Remember the commandments that have been given to us and t always fllow them. 

The commandments are the one thing that we have to do in order fully follow Jesus Christ and return to live with our heavenly father. 

2. Helaman asks that Nephi and Lehi remember teir names, and the acts of those who had them before.

Our names are an important reminder to us of who we are and where we came from. We always represent our family in all that we do. With that said we also bear the name of Christ, we are “children of Christ” when we enter into covennants with him, So we also represent that family in all that we do. 

3. Remember the words of the prophets of old (and modern day prophets/ leaders) speccifically about the atonement. 

Now all the words of the prophets are important, but the Atonement is the greatest event of the human race, and yet we can not fully comprehend it. But we need to do all we can to fully understand the roll of a savior in  our live, our absolute nesecity of the atonement, and the sacrifice that both God and his son Jesus Chirst made with the Atonement. 

4. The last thing that we are to rememeber is to build upon the foundation of Christ.

This one seems kind of simple and easy to explain. Because it is, learn all you can about Jesus Christ and do all you can to follow him comepletly. 

Pero eso no mas. 

Elder Rusick