Cambios… and a happy new year

So the time has finally come and I have left my first sector to go work in another part of the vineyard. I have left Los Valles (2) for Renca 2 (a). And for those of you that are not familiar with the geography of Santiago, Renca 2 is in pretty much the city of Renca (if that helps you guys get a picture of where it is and all that). But with leaving my sector that also comes with leaving my comp for a new one. And my new comp is Elder Allsop. He is from the group that arrived with Elder Robbins (my comp that I just had) so he has about 16 months in the mission. He is from St. George Utah (for those of you that are counting thats 4 in a row out of 4 from Utah including the CCM) but theres nothing I can really do about that. I would love to tell you guys more about him but I don´t know that much more about him yet. But anyways super excited for the new change and the new ward/ sector. 


Bienvenidos a Renca!


Me and my new Comp Elder Allsop

Sorry I really didn’t have time to prepare a thought or anything, but the one next week will be super awesome. 

Elder Rusick


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