It was a fun week in Renca. I got to meet a lot of new people (members, converts, less actives, and just random people that you meet while doing the whole mission thing.)


But one thing that I learned this week was that it is hard to be a missionary on new year´s eve and new year’s day. Its really weird why people don’t want to talk to you those two days. On the eve its like they’re all super busy or something (like theres gonna be a big party… who knows). And on new years day its like they don’t want to talk because they’re too tired(as if they didn’t sleep the night before). Its really weird and makes for some slow days as a missionary. 

But we got to watch the fireworks that the shot off over the hill the has ¨Renca La LLeva¨on it, which was pretty awesome. We had a pretty good time. 

So there are two other missionaries here in Renca, Elder Loayza (low eye sa) and Elder Molina. The first is from Peru and the other is from Chile. We see them pretty much everyday because we have lunch together everyday. They’re pretty cool guys, Elder Loayza is on is 4th change here in Renca and Elder Molina got here with me. So we always have a good time with them (we watched the fireworks with them)

Spiritual thought:

So for the new year the mission has started to read the Book of Mormon again, two chapters everyday so we can start and end as a mission. Its really awesome to read it all together as a mission but sometimes 2 chapters a day is really slow. But its gives more time to study and analyze each chapter and really learn what you need to from every verse. 

So I am going to share something that I learned from a story that just about everyone knows from the beginning of the book of mormon. From chapters 3 and 4 is where Nephi and his brothers are commanded to go back and get the plates. Lehi tells his son Nephi that he will be favored in the eyes of the lord because of his willingness to do that which he is commanded (see verse 7 of chpter 3). While laman and lemuel wouldn´t have too great of a time because of the murmuriness. Skip ahead a little bit and laman goes in first to get the plates from Laban inside the city gates, and what happens… Laban almost kills Laman. 

So Laman runs away, Then all the brothers try to trade all of the stuff in their old house for the plates. And Laban steals their stuff and almost kills them.. again. Then we have the part where Laman and Lemuel want to go back and then the beat Nephi with a rod. But then Nephi goes in to the city to get the plates. 

And what happens with Nephi is a little different than what happened with Laman. Nephi finds Laban drunk on the street and delivered in to his hands. So he kills Laban and gets the plates, and a new buddy names Zoram. 

So we see the Nephi was successful in getting the plates and that Laman wasn’t. But they were both obedient in following the commandment that they had recieved, so how does that work?. If we go back to the begining we see that Nephi was willing to obey without murmuriness.

So what I am getting at with this lesson that I was able to learn is that it is good to obey, we should all obey every single commandment that we recieve. But it is better to obey without murmuriness, or to have a positive attitude about obeying. Because it is then when we are favored in the eyes of the lord and it is then when we recieve his help in our efforts. 

Also murmuriness isn’t a word right now but with your help it can be. #PutMurmurinessInTheDictionary #NoMurmuriness

Elder Rusick



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