The way that time works here in the mission is freaky weird.

So this week… I swear the way that time works here in the mission is freaky weird. I seriously feel like I was just here writing you guys like yesterday. But during the week it felt like it was years long. I think time moves slower during the week right now because I’m still really getting to know my sector and all the people that live in it. Also because the missionaries that were here before didn’t have a huge number of people to pass on to us  (they had like 2). Which isn’t a crazy huge number, its the opposite. So we have been straight up searching this week for just about anyone that will let us into there house for for five minutes so we can share at least a prayer with them. (and so they can share something cold with us because its like 105 everyday). 

Its not all bad though, I’ve always said one of my favorite things about the mission is meeting new people. And when you knock like 50 houses a day you meet a ton of people. For instance, this week I taught my first lesson … in english. Which was about the weirdest thing that I had ever done. He was a Chilean but he works in Canada for most of the year driving trucks, an spends the summers in Chile, winters in Canada. He likes speaking english so we taught him in english. 

But things will pick up, the always do. and if not just got to keep suffering with joy. because you always have to pass through the desert in afflictions before you arrive in the land of bountiful. Just like Nefi and his family who were in the desert for 8 years or something like that. And they were eating raw mat because they weren’t allowed to start a fire. But they finally found the Land of Bountiful because they were obedient to the commandments that were given to them by the Lord. 


Spiritual thought:

So I finished first Nephi today. It’s really amazing all the things you learn just from this first book in the Book of Mormon. It’s like it was known that people would stop reading around this point, so mormon put a lot of the important stuff up front. 

But I got to repass one of my favorite chapters, chapter 13 and 14. Which talks about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon and the restoration of Christ´s church here on the earth. It talks a lot about the large opposition to the church and how the numbers of those that are a part of the restored church would be few. But it leads me to one of my favorite scriptures that is found in 1 Nefi 14:14 (rough translation from Spanish) “and they had for arms their righteousness and the power of God in grand glory”. Of course it is talking about those that are a part of Christ´s church. And of course the meaning that I took from this is that as members of the Church or followers of Christ in general our righteous actions and our obedience to God´s laws give us the power of God in grand glory to bring about his work. 

Elder Rusick 



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