Someone called my Ivan Drago today… that makes 1,000,000

I want to start the letter off today by thanking a couple of people. First thank you to the Oak Creak ward primary (specifically Miles Silva, Luke Bollard and Collyn Hughes … I think) for writing me some letters for Christmas. It was super awesome (Primary leaders I’ll speak with the Bishop see if I can´t get you guys a raise of some sort). Second to the Northwood ward family for the Christmas cards (to Sister Harker, La Reina y La República aren´t in my mission but Quinta Normal is. I haven´t been in a sector there yet). And lastly, thank you to the Rusick Family in Arizona for the Christmas card, and the letter attached, it was super awesome!!

So, to shed some light on the title of the letter. Everyone (yes every single person) that we see on the street asks us where we are from. You would too if you were a five foot chilean and you saw to white people walking down the street and one of them was six and a half feet tall. And with that I got tired of saying that I was from the U.S. so I started telling people that I´m from Russia. So when they hear that they always call me Ivan Drago, which isn´t the worst thing ever. 

Anyways, all things are going pretty good here in Chile Santiago Norte Zona Renca Barrio Renca 2 Sector Renca 2.a. Its just a lot of fun under the sun, a lot of sun. A lot of hot, hot sun. But it’s awesome! I´m getting my tan on and serving the Lord at the same time, what could be better. 


An apron thing that I bought at the street fair for about a dollar. It has since been made into a tie. There is no picture of the tie because I need to fix it up before it is documented. 

But still searching for those people that are going to progress, I feel like with a few of the people that we have been teaching we might have a couple, we´ll see in the next couple of days or week. Like for instance, we have an investigator named Juan, he´s like 80 years old. He has a hard tim understanding a lot of what we are teaching. (Same with everyone in Renca, the was it was explained to me was that of 10 people here 5 graduated high school. and of those 5 about 2 graduated on time), so thats what were working with. But we taught him the plan of happiness and he seemed to start to understand. But the next time we met with him we we´re going to teach the next lesson (Gospel of Jesus Christ) but i felt that we need to just read with him. So we just read the whole Into to the Book of Mormon and analyzed it.

I could see in his eyes that something was going on. It was something that I had never seen in him before. Like the geras in a super old machine finally started to turn again. The spirit started to testify to him just a little bit. But it was enough for him to finally commit to read that night and to pray. The next time we passed by he was working so we couldnt get in the house but he told us that he fished the book we gave hime (Chilean for he read a little bit of the BoM) which is awesome. Because I know with a single doubt in my heart that if he reads hes going to know its all true. 

Spiritual thought:

Sorry its going to be a short one today. I started the Isaiah chapters os second nefi this week and I read something I had never seen before. It says in the footnotes that you should study the chapters in Isaiah while studying those in second nephi. It also says that there are differences, some of them are minor, but the differences, large and small is what the ready should focus on. 

That’s what my spiritual thought it is. Study of the Book of Mormon can clarify small or large differences that are found in the Bible because it contains the fullness of the everlasting gospel and is meant for our day. It really does change lives. 

Elder Rusick 



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