Is Valentines Day a Key Indicator?

I’m not going to lie, its pretty hard to concentrate on what I’m writing right now because the loudest 3 year old ever is crying right next me in the cyber cafe. So I might be a little moe scattered in my writings than usual but I’ll try my best. 

So I heard that sunday was valentines day. Interesting. It wasnt noticed here in Renca 2.A at all. We just kept working like every other day, which by the way is going great. Well except that I feel like Im oping this sector. Its weird because I only had 1 change here before, and my comp really didnt know too much of the sector to teach me. So now Im here with Elder Rasmussen and were trying to figure this whole thing out. We had the chance to do a lot of contacting this week because we realized that we needed to find more people that were going to progress. And so we went out into the burning, radioactive Santiago sunshine and talked with everyone that we saw. And we were able to find some really good people.. maybe even some of those that are elected be God to here our message. 

But something that happened yesterday that was awesome is that we found someone new and super awesome. His name is Carlos and he was playing FIFA when we got into his house (no thats not why I like this story so much). But Im telling the story because he told us that he doesnt believe in God but he let us in because his friend served a mission in Colombia and he wanted to know why his friend would leave his studies for two years to go to Colombia. He also noted that his friend was very successful in his studies and very happy afyer the mission. Just thught Id relate that story to you guys so that you guys knew that peopleaccept the missionaries because their friends that are members are great examples of the fruits of the gospel. (no pressure). 

Also, another experience. We knocked a door (yelled at a door from a gate) and a young girl came out (she had like 13 or 14 years) and we did the contact. We asked her somewhere in the middle of the contact if she believed inGod, she said no, Elder Rasmussen then asked what she believed in. She looked him dead in the eyes and with complete sincerity said “Justin Bieber (spell check?) por que el es terrible rico”… Im not kidding… It was the first time that I did a contact and I just lost all the words in my head because I started laughing so hard. We gave her a card and left.

Spiritual thought. 

So for those of you that don’t know my favorite story book growing up was Lambert the sheepish lion. It is the story of a lion that is raised by sheep from birth. He goes his whole life thinking that he is a sheep. But he really doesn’t fit in super great with the sheep because he’s a little different (he’s actually a lot different… he’s a lion and they’re sheep.). But one night when they were all asleep Lambert heard the piercing howl of a wolf break the silence of the night. He was scared and didn’t know what to do. Then he heard it a gain but closer. He was really scared, he really didn’t know what he could do, he was just a sheep. Then as the wolf was about to eat the sheep he stood up and it finally hit him like a ton of bricks : Im not a sheep, Im a big brave Lion”. And he let out a huge roar and the wolf went running. 

All of us are lions that are raised by sheep. We are children of God that are growing up here on earth. For that we think that we are ordianry humans (sheep). But when we learn about who we really are, children of God (lions) and that He sent us here for a reason we can unlock the power that comes from that divine lineage. To follow His plan and live the way He wants us to is to realize Him as our father. And when we can do this we achieve all that He wants for us. 

Elder Rusick



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