The hotter the days the hotter the wives (I hope)

So to start the letter off this week I will relate a story. So my comp had to go to do all the stuff to get his visa stuff done. Which meant we got to sit in lines all day WOOOO!!! But we met a couple missionaries from the south mission which is always fun. And we started asking each other about the other missionaries that we knew that we had met in the CCM. And one of them asked me about someone and to describe him he told me that he looked like anger from insideout … I gave him a long stare because I had no idea what inside out was. I guess it was a pixar movie or something. But it made me feel old in the mission even though Im not. 

But other than that we really didnt have too much different that happened this weeek. We just went to work business as usual. WEve been having some pretty good success finding people but nobody yet has progressed to the point where Im going to tell you about them. But Im sure someone will come around this next week. BUt until then, back to work business as usual. 

Sorry theres not too much this week. For pday we went to the mall in El Centro, looked around, I ate BK (burger king which was awesome). 

Spiritual Thought

In Luke 17:32 (the second shortest verse in holy scripture) it says:

Remember Lot´s wife. 

But theres a short message to the short scripture. Let what is in the past stay in the past. Lot´s wife looked back LONGINGLY so she was turned into a pilar of salt. It wasnt just for the physical act of turning her head to look. It was that she looked back wanting to go back. The Gospel is about progressing forward. Faith only works to move us forward into our progression. And repentance moves out of the past and into the bright future. 

So the short message is Remember Lot´s Wife, and keep moving forward with faith in the gospel. 

Con mucho amor y cariño

Elder Rusick



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