Santiago: The desolation of smog

So first of to explain the subject line of the email. Its PDay so we decided to hike Cerro Renca which is the highest point in Santiago (I think). Its also a volcano (kinda scary). But ya, so we hiked to the top of it. And just to let you guys know I realized that even though I walk all day everyday I am still out of shape. That hike kicked my butt. But anyways back to the story. We got to the top and took mate (of course), and we could also see just about all of Santiago. I say just about because I´m not even really sure how much we were seeing, because after a while you can´t see anymore because theres so much smog. Its a crazy sight really. Its like going to the mountains when you go above the clouds but instead of white clouds they’re black. (Pictures attached)


Top of Cerro Renca

With my dad Elder Smith and my brother (the kid he’s training) also me and my comp

This week of work was a little bit of the same as its always been. But its the end of February so that means that everybody is getting back from vacations. And also because they’ve been gone for two months they’ve forgotten all about us (woooo). But really we have some pretty good people that have just gotten back from they’re vacations and were hoping to have some of them in the capilla this next domingo so they can start to progress. 

But also something else super coll happened this last week. On wednesday history was made. Elder Bednar came to talk to our mission (kinda). He talked to us from Buenos Aires Argentina, and thats because he came to talk to all the missionaries in the south america south area (chile argentina uruguay y paraguay). ANd by means of satalite transmission it was all made possible. And for those of you that are thinking that thats not history its because I havent told you that there was also 4 other members of the 70 (3 of them were the area presidency of south america south). And we had a great training from those inspired men, and after we got to do a Q and A (well, those that were in Buenos Aires did), which was super cool because it was with an apostle and 4 members of the 70 that had grown up and or served in the area that we were serving in. So we really learned a lot of what the area presidency wants that we do, and also from their experience how we can help realize that. 

Spiritual thought. 

This morning I was reading in Alma 24 which was a story that was in the BoM that I didnt even know that I loved, I almost forgot that it was in there. But now after reading it I have to add it to the list of Book of Mormon stories that I love. 

It is (for those of you that don´t just happen to know Alma 24 of the top of your head) the story of when the convirted lamanites burry their weapons. They did this because they said that their swords had been washed clean of the blood of those that they had slain before, and that they would rather die than have their swords lose their luster. 

Or in other words, they repented of their sins and through the blood of Christ their souls were made clean. ANd they would rather die at the hands of their enimies than take up their swords and kill their bretheren the lamanites. 

I like this story because it highlights a key point of repentance which is the part where you need to abandon the sins and continue faithful following Christ to recieve full perdon from your sins. And if you burry your sword (temptations) you will more likely have success in doing that. 

Also in this chapter you see one of Mormon´s typos. 

“and they burried their weapons of peace, or, they burried their weapons of war for peace” 

because you cant erase when you write on gold plates. 

The book of mormon is true. amen. 

Elder Rusick 



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