I´m sick of the little red lines under every word I write…

Um I really don’t have a lot of time to write this week but I will tell one story. 

So we were doing contacts yesterday and we had already done like 30. And my comp wanted to do one more house so we did. But I really dindt want to contact it because I wanted to go home. But he opened the door and we did the contact. I talked about the restauration and my comp talked about that families can be eternal. And then he let us in. It was awesome because he was super interested. 

Proves the scripture that God works the small and simple things to confound the wise and to bring great things to pass. 

I love the mission, I love Chile and I love the Gospel and all it does for my in my life. 

Elder Rusick 

The USB port in my computer is broken… sorry friends. 



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