“17”, “hit me”, “I suggest you stay sir” “I like to live dangerously”… “21, congratulations”…

“4” “actually I´ll stay” “I suggest you hit sir” “I also like to live dangerously”

Alright officially allowed to do whatever I want… as long as it says that I can do it in the white bible. And just to let you all know the whole joke about legally being allowed to drink or whatever doesn’t really work here because the age to do everything here is 18, and the kids start doing it all anyways when they´re 12 so it really doesn’t matter. 


My “cake” (its a piece if delicious bread that I bought and a match)

But one year older and I´’e been waiting for the wisdom for about 21 years now, but it still hasn’t came. I´ll keep praying that it comes the next year though. 

But anyways this week of work was pretty nice. Probably one of the best weeks I´ve had on the mission. I can tell because my legs really hurt (that could also be because I´m soo old now…). But seriously we are finding so many new people right now and they´re awesome too. They all want to give us food and bread and just talk to us about stuff and then because we are gentle like doves and crafty like snakes we sneak the gospel and the restauracion into the conversación. And they´re just like cool, yea I´ll read that and pray. And now all we have to do is check up on them and keep watering the seeds until theres a flower or a tree or a stalk of wheat (whatever type of thing that grows out of the ground)


My District


BDay Pizza

*SIDENOTE* Elder Turner that “small branch” of 125 people has more people in it than I´ve ever seen here in the biggest ward in the stake of Renca. 

But not too much is happening besides that.

Spiritual thought:

SO this week Elder Rasmussen and I decided to wage a total war against Satan. O hacer la guerra contra Satanás desde hoy y adelante as it is writter on the wall now. But its cool because I started reading the war chapters of the Book of Mormon, so it all relates. Like how it talks about in efesios 6 about putting on the whole armour of God. It also talks baout that in alma 48 or 49 (somewhere around there), but talks about how the lamanites were super scared of the nephites because of the preperations that they had made for the battle. That they had helmets and breastplates for proteccion. ANd it said the the nephites dies more for loss of blood (the few that did die) that anything else because of their proteccion. 

Satan is scared of proteccion, because when we are protected he cant hurt us. When we do good things (read, pray, and go to church to take the sacrement) we put on our armour. 

Like the nephites we must constantly reenforce our cities and put on amour to protect ourselves for Satan. 

Love all you guys, 

Eldewr Rusick



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