If you can stay awake during your prayers at night. You´re not working hard enough

It is a weird thing to start a prayer at 11 o´clock at night and then to finish it at 2:30 in the morning. And no I´m not Enos (for those of you that don´t get it go to Enos chapter 1 in the Book of Mormon…. or just read the whole thing)… (then talk to the missionaries)… anyways now that we´re all familiarized with the story of Enos, no I´m not praying for that long. I fall asleep mid prayer and wake up in the middle of the night say “amen” and fall right back asleep. Its great, I love it and it happens in the mornings most of the time too. But thats my life. 


But anyways this week was pretty cool, we had stake conference here in Renca and Elder Batalla (battle for the gringos) came to speak. And right now I´m going to be completely honest with you guys, I cannot remember a word of what he talked about. I didn’t take notes and I don´t remember a thing. 

But other than that, that I can´t stay awake for my prayers and that my memory is failing me completely now that I´m an old man and thibnk that is about all that happened (I think). 

Oh wait, this was a weird week because it is a change of 7 weeks instead of the normal 6. And we didn’t get new planners for this week so I haven’t been writing everything down; and thats why I cant remember and thing… It all makes sense now. But yea its a 7 week change because they are changing how everything works in the MTC (here in Chile for the least) so the new missionaries haven’t arrived. SO here we are. 

Spiritual Thought:

“Why seek ye the living among the dead? 

He is not here but He is risen”

Luke 24:6 

Matthew 28:6

Easter is not about palm trees, chocolate bunnies and baskets full of painted eggs. 

It is that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. And that now ever person that ever lived can too. 

Sé que Cristo vive. 

Elder Rusick 


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