It was the best of times, It was the .. Uh better.. of times

DON’T WORRY EVERYBODY… Elder Rassmusen and I are staying together in Renca 2.a. 

Thank goodness to because we did so much of the dirty hard part of missionary work (which is finding people) that I thought they would take me out of the sector. But nope.. we get to stay together for at least six more weeks (which means at the end of this change I will have had 11 months straight with a gringo comp from Utah). But were super excited to get to have this next change together to be able to cash in on the work we put in this last change. 


“A little afternoon Mate”

But theres more amazing news (if your a missionary this the most exciting thing you can hear besides “usted se va a la isla”); Elder Rassmusen and I looked at the map of the ward on and theres more to our ward that is on the map that the mission gave us. Which means that theres part of our sector which we hadn´t seen before. Thats awesome because I get bored of seeing the same houses everyday. BUt we went to the new part of the sector yesterday to check it out and we immediatly found like 5 new people that we can start working with, and all of the said that they hadnt seen missionaries in the neighborhood for like 7 years (its a gold mine of souls or a white field that is ready for the harvest)

But other than that nothing out of the ordinary happened this last week.

Oh wait… something did happen (the saddest moment of my mission), My scriptures died!!! Heres a picture… 


Oh yea and also something else happened. A couple in the street with their baby stopped us as we were walking. They said that their baby (like 1.5 or 2 year old) needed a blessing of health. The mom was a less active member and the dad was a non member. But Elder Rassmusen did pt.1 and then a had the opportunity to do the second. As I was doing it I opened my eyes for some reason And the baby literally touched my heart.

Matchbook covers I find in the street

Theres more to the story but thats for me and my journal to know. But wow it was incredible the spirit that was felt. And the fact that they had just happened to find us in the street (because they live in puente alto; which is like 2 hours from Renca) is just incredible. Wow, just wow. 

Spiritual thought. (Its a short one again today)

So towards that end of some of the Gospels Jesus says to his apostles that they would be brought before kings and governors for his namesake. And this would be an opportunity for them to bear testimony of his name and witness to the things that they had seen him do. He also gives them the comfort to know that they need not worry of what they need to say; that they words would be given to them in that moment. 

In everyday situations we are not brought before kings or governors, but friends neighbors work associates and family members. But as members of the church it is your responsibility to use these opportunities to bear testimony of Jesus Christ and even of the restoracion of his gospel. And the promise is the same (I cant remember the exact verse in DyC) but it goes that as you open your mouth (part of opening your mouth is that you have to start talking) it will be filled with the words that you need to testify. 

I am always comforted that if I don’t have any clue what to say (which happens a lot because Im just a 21 year old kid in chile speaking a different language) I can start testifying to Jesus Christ as my savior and redeemer and of Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon and the restoracion of the gospel and that after that words will enter in to my mind to help the people. 

Shout out to Catherine Manning for getting called close to the greatest mission on earth 

Elder Rusick 


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