From the cyber in Renca, this is the 44th weekly letter from Elder Zachary Jason Rusick in the Mission of Chile Santiago Norte. This letter is a public broadcast by Elder Rusick would like to thank all those that participate to make this letter possible. 

(Soy tan chistoso ¿cierto?)  


Well it was conference this week which is better than Christmas if your a missionary. You get to stop walking for five sessions of two hours each to listen to the living prophets are receive their inspired words. A lot of missionaries get the chance to hear the conference in their own language, and share time with other missionaries from their stake. However the english transmission wasn’t set up here in Renca, so we had to watch in Spanish. Which is not that bad, because its the same stuff, only the voices that you’ve grown up with are different (in a really weird Spain kind of Spanish too). But because the Lord works miracles for his missionaries we got it all set up in english for Sunday. Which means we got to hear Elder Jeffery R Holland speak (and close the conference magnificently) in english. Which really to me is all that matters. To here him in his actual voice is just different. But the conference was really great. 


All is well with the work too (same old same old). But today for Pday we got to play the ball (Its how the say play soccer in latin america “Jugar la perlota”). Which was really fun. But other than that not too much happened that was out of the ordinary. 

Spiritual Thought:

So this one is really just a thought. 

We did a contact. Before we could say anything he asked for our bible. I gave it to him for some reason. He read us a few scriptures that he told us meant that our church was true (which happened to be about who is Jehova). I had the scriptures ready to prove him wrong (Exodus 3:14 and then john 8:58, or just Isaiah 12:1,2… but thats not important). Instead I gave the bible to Elder Rasmussen and he put it my backpack. And I gave a testimony. If you ask Elder Rasmussen he´ll tell you a yelled it (which is true but the guy wasn’t letting me talk) and then we left. 

But the thought is what I was thinbking of on our way to the next house. How simple a doctrine of who is God the Father and who is the Son Jesus Christ or the trinity is so out of whack. But part of the testimony that I yelled was that we have a restored gospel directly from God. We have clarity in points of doctrine that may seem very unclear. And also we have a profet today, and we continue to recieve clarity from the chosen leaders of God. 

Reread or re listen to the conference talks. They are as inspired as every word of holy scripture. The contain words that are speciffically for us in these days. 

Elder Rusick 


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