No water and way too much water at the same time

Wow … what a week its been to be a missionary here in Chile!

Winter finally hit and we had a nice bit of rain starting out on Thursday and Friday. But what we didn’t expect to happen was that the mud from the mountains flooded the rivers where we get the water. So the water that goes to Santiago, or our house at least was cut off. So Saturday morning we got a call from the district leader to get al the bottles and water carrying devices that we had to fill them all up because Saturday at 12:00 they were going to cut the water. So we did. And what happened is that our house had the water cut. but every other house in our zone had water. Pretty lame right. So from Saturday until Monday morning we didn’t have any water, and actually most of our sector didn’t have any water either. 

Gathering water 

But the thing with the lack of running water is that a lot of places aren’t allowed to be open for too long without it, like the chapel. We could only have the sacrament meeting because of the lack of running water, which was super weird. Another weird thing is showering without running water (but its the first warm shower that I have had in like 6 weeks, because our water heater is broken. So I used the water boiler to shower when we didn’t have running water.)

One of the weird things about not having water though was that there was water everywhere. We had the first real rain of the year. A lot of the streets got flooded because chile isn’t really built to drain water off the streets. But it was still pretty fun. Our zone leaders told us that if I we felt the conditions were too bad to work that we should just go into the house. But Elder Rassmusen and I put our rain jackets on and put our immune systems to the test and went to work because after all rain is just water so what the worst it could do. And we didn’t have water in the house so being outside with the water just made sense. 

Language study with toast and peanut butter

So some people have told me that I should start talking about some of the people that I am teaching. MIS AMIGOS (my friends) (there are no investigators, converts, or less active members they’re all just my friends). So the person I am going to talk about today is Noemi. She is about 50 years old. She is from Valdivia (southern Chile) she had shared with the missionaries there when she was like 10 and also a little bit here in Renca but she told us that she had never received the missionary lessons. She is progressing pretty well. She has accepted all the lessons that we have taught (we only have lesson 5 left… so yes she accepted all the commandments!!!!) and she has repeatedly told us that she is going to get baptized (I feel like I spelled that wrong). She has a date for the first of May and it looks like she will make it to that date. She is married and has three children and two grandchildren (her family hasn’t accepted us to teach them.. yet… but they are still very nice to us and open to Noemi receiving us.) But this week she had really bad back problems so she couldn’t go to church, and she also had to go to the hospital. But I’m sure everything will work out. 

Spiritual thought: 

In the book of Ether the brother of Jared is command to build a boat. But what they end up building eight of seems more to me to be a submarine typ thing than a boat. But it says that they were built following the instructions of the Lord. And late it says the the Lord who controlled the wind and the waved would guide their boats to the promised land. And they did make it there after resolving a few minor details with the submarine boats. 

So what do we learn, (this is going to be really simple) when we act accordingly to the instructions of the Lord (and his inspired leaders) we receive the diving help and guidance to the promised land (insert your idea of promised land here)

Elder Rusick



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