Aire Puro y Bicicletas

So, as i told my family this last Sunday during our mothers day conversation, I got taken out of my sector… so did my comp… and the other two missionaries in the ward. WHITEWASH!!!!!. 

And with that I am in a new zone a new sector with a new Compañero. I am in the zone of San Felipe, ward san felipe, sector san felpie 1. And here in San felipe we are the zone that is furtherest away from the office (except for the island). It’s in the mountains and is pretty close to the border with Argentina. We had to take a bus for like 2 hours to get here (I know that thats not too far but in this mission it is…). So my sector is on bikes!(like all of the sectors in San Felipe). I am going to have to get adjusted to riding a bike again. But also in this sector we have some pueblitos which should be pretty cool to go and check out.

IMG_2387 IMG_2386

New (ish) Bike, New Bike Gear

Today we are in the “downtown” of San Felipe (the city) to write and all that stuff. Its a small town. It reminds me oF San Luis Obispo, it actually kind of freaks me out because it makes me feel like I´m there. 

But my comp is Elder Martinez. he is 18 years old and has about 7 months in the mission. He is from Mexi… Florida (which I am going to say is closer to being latin than any of my comps from Utah). I will still go a full year with having a comp from the states, but at least he looks like he’s not from the states. 


Elders Martinez & Rusick

He’s a big kid. He played guard and center (football) in his high school in Orlando. And after the mission he is going to play at BYU Utah or Utah state. So thats going to be a strong talking point for us. 

Other than that not too much to talk about. I´ll inform you all more about the sector when I know more about it… Its my second day here. 

With all the changes I didnt have time to prepare a thought. more next week. 

Elder Rusick

(my legs and but hurt from the bike and bike seat)


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