When the dog bites When the bike breaks I simply rememebr my favorite things

First week in San Felipe is down and out here is waaaay different than Santiago. It would be like the difference between LA and some back woods town in Alabama. Like the people is Santiago speak some pretty bad Spanish, but here in the mountains its like have a bunch os peanut butter and mashed potatoes in their mouths when they talk (also a lot of them are mission at least one tooth…. AT LEAST, some (most) are missing a whole row of them. But the bad speaking is made up for because I can already tell that the people here a little bit more receptive than those in Santiago. Also the are a bit nicer,m they talk with us more and stuff like that. 

A ride in the country

But the sector and the work therein is going pretty good. Theres a lot of really good people that they already had here. And we also could find a bunch of new people this week and help some people progress a little bit more toward that ultimate goal (#getwet). 

One of the cool things about this sector is that it has some city parts (but its cool because its a smaller city called San Felipe (available on google street view)), but also we have way out there into the mountains. So every once and a while we take the bikes for a ride and we go out there and talk to the people and see how there doing. 

Since I mentioned the bikes i feel like I need to tell this story. Well, its not really a story its just stuff that happened this week. So… we had to go to the downtown area of our sector everyday this last week (except monday and sunday). We went to get the bikes fixed 4 times, the gears, the changer for the gear, the pedals, the breaks…. everything. We even had to walk back an hour in the rain from the mountains because we had a flat and no spares ni patches… But thats just what happens out here on bikes, but I should be good for a while because I pretty much had to buy a new bike (menos the frame). 

I knoiw some of you counted that I said that I went five days of the week downtown but only went to the bike shop four times. Good eye. Okay so When we were in one of the pueblitos I got bit by a dog. It wasn´t bad but it was bleeding. So I called Hermana Videla, and she told me I had to go to the Emergency room. So we did. It took us like an hour. We went and then when we got there we found out that there is a SAPU (like a smalled emergency room thing) in our sector and that we even passed it on the way to the hospital. The dog bite wasn´t bad. It was superficial so I didn´t get the shots or anything. 


Dog Bites Elder

But thats pretty much the week. 

Spiritual thought.

In preach my gospel in chapter 6 (atrubutos de cristo) I was studying about the charity. And something stuck with me that I read. Charity is equal to the faith, it carries us to action. Faith isnt faith unless we use it, a testimony isnt a testimony unless we share it and love isnt love unless we show it. 

Elder Rusick


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