Soy Elder Rusick y mi compañero de… anywhere but Argentina

So this week what happened was that Argentina beat the US in the Copa America. Chile also beat Colombia. So Chile played Argentina Sunday in the final. All week people were talking trash to my comp about the year before. He handled it pretty well and always said “we`ll see whoever is better Sunday”. And then.. Chile won. And everybody,,, EVERYBODY had to say something to my comp. It was pretty sad to see adult members talk so bad to a missionary just because of a soccer game and he was from the other side. But life goes on and we keep working.

We saw some pretty awesome things happen this week. We had a stake conference. And normally the stake center is here in San Felipe in one of the other wards here. But its closed for maintenance. So the next biggest chapel is in Los Andes (still part of the stake but in a different city). Like a good 45 minutes away. But we still were able to bring 3 people. Luciano and his son Abiel (Jimena couldn’t make it because her sister was staying with them that weekend) and Diana (a family from the ward brought her). SO it was pretty awesome to have a couple of people go to church this last week and hear a general authority talk even though it was a good drive away. 


Companiero Matching Ties

But other than that it was a pretty normal week. a little slow because my comp has to learn the sector and all that and because we had to travel a bit for the conference Saturday night and Sunday morning. But we still got work done. We are in the act of finding new people to teach which is alwas fun. 

Spiritual Thought:

The Elder Krasnoselsky was the General Authority that spoke at the stake conference this week. He spoke a lot on the importance of the missionary work of members. (or better put the work of salvation in its five parts: the missionary work of the members, retaining of converts, reactivation of less actives, family history and temple work, and the teaching of the doctrine of Christ). But one thing that I loved that he talked about was that we cannot have fear to open our mouths and share the gospel with people. There are a ton of scriptures that talk about that the words will be put in your mouth … if you open it. 

But he talked abouyt everything starts with a good invitation. 

So I INVITE all of you to invite someone else to participate in something with the church (I feel like a missionary that just left the MTC but oh well..) 

Ya? ¿Lo haràn?

With love 

Elder Rusick



So here we have the start of a new change in the mission chile Santiago Norte. Lots of things have changed. We only have 176 missionaries in the mission (this time last year we had like 220) so sectors have been closed or put together and they put a couple of the zones together. We´re a small mission now. But also here in San Felipe we had some changes too. Elder Martinez left… And Elder Sanchez has arrived. He´s from Santa Cruz…. Argentina (CHE) . 

Elder Martinez … and Elder Sanchez

He´s really cool. He just finished his training. So he´s got a good three months in the mission. He just got here to his second sector and I will be his second comp. Oh yea and he’s my first latin comp. ¡¡¡¡POR FIN!!!! only took 378 days here in Chile to get a native Spanish speaker as a companion.


Zone Volleyball Game

I don´t know how many of you are familiarized with the accents of south american Spanish speakers but the Argentinos have to be the most famous. Every time there is an “ll” or a “y” the pronounce it with a very distinct “SSHH”. And the Chileans aren´t a huge fan of it … they´re actually not big of fans of the Argentinians in general.. But I think its awesome.


Zone Selfie

Also The US is playing Argentina in the Copa America tonight… Companionship rivalry…. (pray for a tie..)

Spiritual thought: 

3 nefi 14: 24-27

My comp shared this last night and I really like it. 

THe wise man builds his house upon the rock. 

The foolish man builds his house upon the sand. 

When the rain comes, the house on the rock stays up, and the house on the sand falls. 

He who listens to and obeys the word of the Lord and the principles of the gospel builds his house on rock… He who does not builds upon sand. 

Rain and wind (trials) will always come, if your house (testimony) is built on rock (follow the teachings of the savior) it won´t fall down.

Elder Rusick

Does the choir count as fellowshipping?

So this week in San Felipe was pretty missionary-like. We contacted people. We taught people about the gospel and the restoration (spell check?), and we even brought people to church (best family ever). But yea thats about what happened. But the family that came to church is awesome, its the family that I was telling ya’ll about like two weeks ago (Luciano, Jimena and their two kids Abiel and Luciana… the mom Maria couldn’t make it this week). But they´re awesome. They didn’t go last week because they were all sick but called us specifically to let us know that they would be going to church on Sunday either way this last Sunday… and the did (Don´t you just love it when people tell the truth?). 

But yea so they went to church… Loved it. But one of the hermanas from the Soc-Soc (sociedad de socorro.. or the releif society) asked if they could sing. The wife, Jimena, said yes. The family is now part of the ward choir… I love this family and also I love the small acts like that that the members can do to help those friends that are investigating the church. 

But other than that the week went pretty normal. 

Peanut butter and Nutella with bananas on toast!!!!

One thing though. So a new law was released here in Chile and everyone that rides a bike after like 6 at night has to wear a shiny orange reflector vest. And we happen to ride bikes after 6 at night. So we have to wear shiny orange reflector vests. Which isn’t bad, they keep us safe. But as if we didn’t already stand out enough, and the people didn’t already think we were weird enough. Now we have brightly colored jackets…. But it is how it is. 

Spiritual thought:

In the first chapter of book of Alma we read of the persecutions that those of the church had to go through by the hand of those that were not a part of the church. And in verse 25 we read:

Now this was a great trial to those that did stand fast in the faith; nevertheless, they were steadfast and immovable in keeping the commandments of God, and they bore with patience the persecution which was heaped upon them.

We read of the patience through sufferings that the members of the church had. That they were “steadfast and immovable” in the commandments and their duties. 

It goes on to say that the kept on with their callings in the church, like teaching one another and visiting the sick and giving to the needy. And with that slowly the began to prosper. and in their prosperous circumstances they remained humble and never forgot those in greater need. 

Exercising the patience in trial is part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And as we put in our best effort to do so we begin to prosper spiritual and temporally. (I would say mostly spiritually)

Elder Rusick