This internet cafe smells like weed.

The title of the email should explain a lot. Makes my head hurt… It’s one of the bad things about Chile…the stuff is everywhere. 

But this week was one of those weeks where a lot of great stuff happened. Looking back on the week I feel like it was actually two weeks because so much happened. 

Well to start things off, I was in a trio for part this week. A missionary in my ward went home so we had to take his companion in with us “indefinitely”. Which luckily only turned out to be a day. Being in a trio is a very weird experience. It’s different to contact people with two other comps and the teaching cycle gets kind of messed up. But we managed and the new missionary that got here is super dope… Elder Santos (de los ultimos dias) from The United States of Brasil.

Also this week I had to give the gospel principles class. This isn´t something new for me because I have had to give the class before. And with the manual it is actually really easy to do. But every other time I have taught I had at least an hour to for the least read the book. But my preparation this last Sunday was that they did a prayer to start the class and then the resident of the class told me that I had to teach (he also asked me what class number we were on so I really could have taught whatever I wanted to… I played fair). The class was gifts of the spirit. And it was actually super awesome that I got to teach the class because the family that is going to get baptized this next week was there, so I got to direct the class in a way that would help them more personally (don´t worry I made sure everyone participated). 

But yea the family that should get baptized this next week is the Family Gatica (only the dad has that last name but thats what we call them). But the dad is Luciano the mom is Jimena and the son is Abiel, they also have a daughter who is three that is Luciana. Elder Martinez and I found them and they have accepted everything that we have taught. Including that Jimena gave up tea and smoking in FOUR DAYS… And they are super awesome! I love that family. 

They gave us a dinner this last Saturday which was pretty awesome. They made two chickens… that were stuffed with meat, sausage, ham and cheese. It was the best food that I have ever had here in Chile. (I took a picture it was so good!) 


Chicken, meat, sausage, ham and cheese at La Casa Gatica

But yea that was the week. More happened but Im terrible for remembering things… Next time I guess. 

Spiritual thought:

Nephi made large and small plates when he was writing the history of his people. The large plates was the history of the kings and wars and other things like that that happened to the people of Nephi. The small plates were the things that happened having to do with the ministry unto the people of Nephi as well as the revelacions received by the prophets in the Americas. 

Our mission president (Prez V-Dawg Videla) always talks about this. With everything that happens to us there are things for both plates. The story that happened… or the actual physical events that took place. And the things that we learned from the experience. He always says at the end of a zone conference “now what was learned today that wasn´t talked about”. Which is super cool because he doesn´t expect us to write notes of every detail of every class, but on what the spirit tells us specifically that we can do with the information received. 

Like Nephi we need to remember the events of both the large and small plates. But Nephi put more importance into the small plates because they are what makes a difference in the lives of those that read the book of mormon. 

Just a thought. 

Elder Rusick